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FotoForm: The World's First Geometric 3D Photo Animator - only $17!

Need to fill some video frames with content or have loads of photos that are just begging for a creative solution? Whatever the reason, you need FotoForm today! This unbelievable resource, for Adobe After Effects, will let you transform all your 2D photo layers into a full 3D Geometry, whether you’re a professional video producer, photographer, or a creative person with a smartphone. With full 4k resolution, one-click camera presets, a robust toolbar and loads more features, you’ll soon find yourself effortlessly creating incredible realms of creativity. FotoForm doesn’t just extend the life of your photos – it creates entirely new realms of immersion!

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Bestseller no. 2
Photoshop 3D for Animators
  • Rafiq Elmansy

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  • 293 pages

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