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4-Months of Google Play Music & YouTube Red Subscription

Features & Price

Red has three basic features: ad free videos, offline music & video streaming, and YouTube’s pre-made personalized playlists and mixtapes for your convenience.

It costs $9.99/month for non iOS devices, and $12.99/month if purchased on any iOS device. Considering that Spotify is $9.99/month as well, and Tidal has a $9.99 and $19.99/month option, I think the pricing is very fair.


YT Red is split into a desktop version and a mobile version, with the mobile version being split into 3 separate apps: YouTube, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube music.


One word to describe the desktop side of YouTube Red is lacking. The only feature you have is ad free videos. There is no offline streaming and you can’t download videos to your desktop. Because of this, I will say do not use Red if you do not use your phone or any other mobile device often. It is not worth it.


YouTube Music

This remains the meat of YouTube Red. I really like the design of the interface and the darker colors, it makes the red standout. You are greeted with three different sections: (1) home, which has automated playlists, radio stations, and suggestions, (2) fire, which displays music trends, and the (3) thumbs up tab which shows your liked songs

  • Quality
  • Really natural
  • Cheap price

  • more standard music streaming services with mood/activity stations
  • a decent library of tracks
  • the ability to store already-purchased music online


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  • Search, browse and play thousands of videos.

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